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" We don't dispute feelings. We challenge and dispute
   the thoughts & beliefs that give rise to those feelings"
Devoted to the International community in Madrid
Counselling Madrid offers CBT Counselling services to the international community in Madrid. Students, expats and spouses know that living abroad brings many challenges while support networks take time to develop.This is why CBT Counselling services at Counselling Madrid
are only provided by Counsellors who have lived abroad themselves.

Head of Counselling Services Joseph Maussen:
"During the period 1990 - 2006 I have been fortunate to live and work in countries like South - Africa, Great Britain, Germany and Spain. Since the start of my counselling studies "Advanced Diploma Therapeutic Counselling" in 2001 it became clear that students, expats and spouses benefit from counselling services in their native language while working with counsellors who understand their culture".

The Counseling services are confidential and based on evidence based therapy techniques such as Cognitive Therapy - CT - and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT. The service also offers Person Centred therapy.
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