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Personal Growth Groups
As Personal Growth Groups provide an excellent opportunity to improve inter-personal skills we dedicate this weeks Blog to Group Counselling. Let me explain what Groups are about and feel free to contact me if you would like to have more information:

During Group Counselling, Group members create a supportive environment, together with the Group facilitator. It is the self created supportive environment that creates a drive toward sanity and health so strong that groups “push” members toward normalcy. Within the Group, members are often able to observe other members behavior and give feedback and thereby encourage others to comment of their behavior. This pressure to move forward in a positive direction is a creative force that ancourages members to move away from defensiveness and rationalization toward specific personal sharing that is for so many members a new way of being.

As Group members assists in the helping relationship, they realize the worth of human relationship and feel less helpless and defensive. Experiences of trusting and being trusted can be extremely effective in meeting the needs of alienated individuals whose fears of our manipulative society have forced them to withdraw or to adopt maladaptive behavior patterns. Giving and receiving of acceptance, assurance and support rom others within the group are therapeutic. Bonds of common concern are developed and members begin to develop a positive interest in the growth and well-being of others. This can be a very powerful and significant force in the lives of individuals who have been preoccupied with themselves.

Groups at Counselling Madrid start every 2nd Thursday of each month. More information is available at

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