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Living abroad can be rewarding and challenging at the same time.
Living abroad
How well were you prepared when you moved abroad? Not that preparing well guarantees a safe and pleasant landing abroad but it does make a significant difference.

Many expats are so focussed on their job during the final weeks before leaving there home country that they forget to take a look at things in a broader perpective. On top of this, spouses often make their first move abroad and just hope "to make the best of it". No surprise that often, several weeks after landing abroad, the blues start looming as things appear to be more challenging than one expected when sitting in your chair at home several weeks before.

The following Ten Tips can serve as a guide line when re-focussing your lives abroad.

Ten Tips to keep moving after your arrival abroad:

- learn the language

- go and meet other expats

- keep focussed on your relationship

- learn to relax and reflect

- stay in touch with home

- seek support when you need it.

- learn to appreciate cultural differences

- focus on outside targets

- include physical excercise into your schedule

- learn something new: either travelling, studying or joining a new activity.

A final Tip is to take things "A Day at a Time". Avoid trying to solve all your concerns in one day or even one week.  This approach works well as it makes you aware that there is only so much you can do in one day and reduces frustration levels when things take longer than anticipated.

About Counselling Madrid

Counselling Madrid offers confidential Counseling services to expats, spouses and student currently living and working in Spain. Counselling services provided are

- CBT Counselling
- CT Counselling
- REBT Counselling

- Humanistic Couselling

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