Counselling Madrid
Living abroad can be rewarding and challenging at the same time.
Men and Counseling

Most men have difficulty "entering the unknown" when considering Counselling. This has not only been confirmed by research in the UK and North America but is also reflected in the number of men seeking counselling at Counselling Madrid in 2007 where the ratio men/women is approx. 1:3  Three categories help explain this difference:  1. Societal perceptions of counselling and gender roles. 2. The changing experience over time. 3. Knowledge.  Taking the above into consideration it is no surprise to read the following statement: " A very good friend had been to counselling and it helped him ... he was male which was quite good. He made me realise that you can get some good from it. " At counselling Madrid we provide counselling for both men and women and strive to provide information through our website and advertisements. The aim is to lower the barriers to seek help for mental health issues by explaining in simple terms what counselling is about and how you might benefit from it. 

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