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Worries - Chronic worrying

Continuous worrying has a negative impact on clients well-being. However, many clients complain most of the time they are worrying. Clients suffering from social phobia, depression, generalized anxiety dosorder and OCD seem to be vulnerable to chronic worrying. The advice to simply stop worrying is not effective and can even be counter-productive. At Counseling Madrid clients have the opportunity to deal with this issue in a structured way, learning to become aware that they often overpredict negatice outcomes, underestimate their ability to cope with negative live events while maintaining a high need for approval from others.

Worries are often turned into predictions for the future and clients experience a sense of control and "preparedness" by continued worrying. Increased awareness of worrying and assigning "worry time" is one of the techniques clients at Counseling Madrid are offered to learn to manage their worries.

2007-09-21 16:26:40 GMT